about lara joy's blog

My blog is a hopefully entertaining mix of personal stories about my equine and travel photography. I share tips on camera gear, photography techniques and post processing. I often foray into discussions about making storytelling images and creating a unique photographic vision. Sometimes I dole out travel advice. Occasionally, I go crazy cat lady and share posts about my cats. Afterall, cats rule the internet.

about Lara's Joy's equine photography

I've loved horses since I was a little kid and rode every Friday afternoon at a local stable. I still have a tiny black velvet hunt cap stored somewhere in my garage. I only ride a few times a year now but have reconnected with the equine community through my camera. I've photographed wild and rescued horsesrace horses, and the Tempel Lipizzans.

Rick Sammon says that photographers today don't need to specialize - that we can shoot whatever we went - and he certainly does that very successfully but the more time I spend with horses, the more they fill my heart. Whether I'm shooting at home or halfway around the world, if I see horses grazing in a field at the side of the road, in a parade or at a competitive event, they will always make me jump out of the car, begging my companions for just 15 minutes.

Out riding in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM, April 2014. Check out those snow flakes...

If you'd like to participate in one of my equine photography events, would like to have an equine event photographed, or are interested in an equine portrait session, please email me.

Anne Belmont and me after my April 2016 event  Horsing Around Chicago: Photographing the Tempel Lipizzans .  Photo Credit: Chris Smith/Out of Chicago Photography. 

Anne Belmont and me after my April 2016 event Horsing Around Chicago: Photographing the Tempel LipizzansPhoto Credit: Chris Smith/Out of Chicago Photography. 

About Lara Joy's destination photography

I'm passionate about travel - Europe in particular and Italy especially. Lucca, in north/central Tuscany, feels like a second home to me. I've been enormously lucky in the last few years and have visited Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, England, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Morocco and Spain as well as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin. When I travel, I make story-telling images about the horses, people, places, food, landscapes and culture. You can read about my travels here.

If you're interested in having me review and photograph a property or destination, email me here.  I'm often asked if I lead small group photography workshops in Italy. If you're interested in that, please let me know so that I can add you to the list.

Exploring the frozen shoreline and the ice cave formations at the Apostle Islands National Lake Shore in Wisconsin, March 2014

High tide and a windy day at Blowing Rocks, my favorite beach in Jupiter, FL, November 2012.

About Lara Joy's Pet Photography

I've always been an animal lover and if you call me a crazy cat lady, you won't be far off the mark. These three are the loves of my life.

My gorgeous calico cat, Celia.

If you'd like portraits or lifestyle images of your furry loved ones, send me an email.


Carter, my comical new addition in December 2015.

My silver tabby, Sophie, who passed away in November 2015. She was almost 20.