White Balance and that guy in the lecture.

The other day I attend a lecture on White Balance.  Towards the end, a man raised his hand, introduced himself as a macro photographer, and asked about why it was so hard to photograph purple flowers, and how he could fix his photographs.  The problem is called “anomalous reflection.” The answer?  Use the techniques the lecturer discussed, like using a grey card and ultimately, even then, you’ve gotta fix it in post processing.  The man who’d asked the question literally swept away all of the advice, shaking his head and waving his hand.  He wanted “the easy way.”  He wanted to do it “in camera." “He didn’t do all that post-processing stuff.”

Can you imagine the puzzled looks we all had on our faces?  A macro shooter who doesn’t post process???

My take-away on this is Don’t. Be. That. Guy.  He was in a room with dozens of photographers, a wealth of information and a solution to his question.  Post processing just wasn’t the answer he wanted.  He was so sure he could fix it in camera despite every explanation.  He also wanted "the easy way” so I’m pretty sure he didn’t plan to lug around the flashes, gels, reflectors and diffusers that might help  achieve correct color in camera.

Gah.  That sticks in my craw.