Iceland: Deciding, Part 1 of 8.

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Eve.  Usually, when August rolls around,  I start thinking about  booking my New Year's trip. To celebrate New Year 2013, I went to an eco-luxe yoga resort, a 45 minute boat ride outside of Puerto Vallarta.  Warm, sunny Mexico seemed like a dreamy way to escape blustery January weather in Chicago.  Except it wasn’t. We had day after day of cold, rainy, stormy, windy weather.  Our 3-sided, rustic cabins facing the sea offered little protection.  I didn’t exactly freeze to death but I did have a three week bout of flu when I got home.  

For New Year 2014, I figured I may as well go someplace cold - at least then I’d be prepared to freeze my butt off. So I decided to go on a photography expedition... to Iceland. I wasn’t sure if I had the right gear, or the chops, but I’ve always read that “the best part” of going on vacation is the preparation.  I had four and a half months to get myself ready to go.