Happy Holidays.

Remember back in the 80s when people wore ugly Christmas sweaters?  And I don't mean ironically.  It was a real thing in the 80s.  They didn't even call them ugly back then.  They were just holiday sweaters.  Some people I know (I won't mention any names, Mom) wore a Christmas sweater every single day of December.  Every. Single. Day.  

In December 2013, this Santa was just hanging out in an cafe in Lucca, Italy. I'm pretty sure he was enjoying a glass of chianti.

As an ode to the 80s, I was thinking about posting a Christmas photo every single day of December.  But then I thought the goal was to KEEP readers, and maybe posting kitschy Christmas photos wouldn't be such a fabulous idea.  I thought maybe I could get away with it once.  Just once. 

Much prettier than one of those blinking sweaters, right?

Wishing you all the very best of holidays and a happy new year.

 Lara Joy Travels will be on hiatus till January 5th.