Congratulations #TempelTour2016 Photography Contest Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made the day such a great one.

Without further ado, here are the #TempelTour2016 Photography Contest winners:

Best Use of Light: Barbara Colbert

Photo credit: Barbara Colbert

Capturing Motion: Marcia Straub

Photo credit: Marcia Straub

Most Artistic: Karmesh Patel

Photo credit: Karmesh Patel

Best Monochrome: Marcia Straub

Photo credit: Marcia Straub

Best Color: Lori Pendry

Photo credit: Lori Pendry

Best Composition: Mari Pavelich

Photo credit: Mari Pavelich

Overall Winner: Margaret Burlingham

Photo credit: Margaret Burlingham

How'd we judge these?

  • We started by creating a Dropbox file and sharing it between myself, Tempel Program Director Esther and the Tempel staff.
  • Tempel staff printed and reviewed images; I reviewed them on a calibrated monitor.
  • We liked a lot of the images that were submitted so we created a number of categories to give credit to all of our favorites. We liked Marcia Straub's image so much, we awarded it twice.
  • As hosts of the event, Esther and the Tempel staff's votes took priority.
  • What did everyone win? This year, you win our accolades. Next year, I hope to have a sponsor and offer tangible prizes. Stay tuned!
  • To see all the entries, please click here