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Equine Images Exhibit at Curt's Cafe - EXTENDED

  • Curt's Cafe 2922 Central Street Evanston, IL, 60201 United States (map)

Just extended to October 6th! 

A series of 14 of my equine images will be on display at Curt's Cafe through September 15, 2015. Here's my artist statement for the project:

These images are part of an ongoing, personal fine art project. I am making images of horses while investigating ownership, or stewardship, which I find is a complicated thing with animals, and with horses in particular. Some of these images were made locally, at Tempel Farms. One day after a performance, a little girl led me to a horse and told me it was “her mommy’s.” Her mommy wasn’t the owner but rather the rider/trainer for the horse. Little girls don’t make such distinctions. Another group of images were made at Arlington Park. As a child I read and re-read Farley’s The Black Stallion, and since race horses often trade hands in the industry, I often wonder… Who loves these horses like the black stallion’s boy did?Some of my images were made on BLM land in Placitas, New Mexico.  These bands of wild horses were rounded up and sold less than a year after I visited the area. Sometimes wild horses end up being sold to meat factories outside of the US. All but two of the Placitas group were rescued from that fate. While in New Mexico, I also made images of rescued horses at Cimarron-Sky Dog Reserve, a fenced 1000-acre ranch. Because of the drought, the rescued horses are fed and watered daily. The reserve lands can no longer support them. Last, I’ve begun to make images at HARPS, a local organization that rescues neglected and abandoned horses. The horse in the image titled Friendship is 34 years old and has a swayback. He’s found a new friend and is well cared for now by the people who run HARPS.