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Horsing around Chicago: Photographing the Tempel Lipizzans

Last year I planned a camera club outing and took a group of photographers from CACCA and Out of Chicago to Tempel Farms to photograph the Lipizzan horses.  This year we're going to do it again, only better, and with a photography contest.

Register Here.

  • This event will be limited to 50 people.
  • This event will be rain or shine. Tickets are non-refundable.
  • We'll meet in the parking lot at Tempel Farms: 17000 Wadsworth Road , Old Mill Creek, IL 60083.
  • Please plan to arrive no later than 7:15AM for registration and to be introduced to your group leader.
  • The event will begin promptly at 7:30AM on Saturday April 30, 2016. 
  • We'll have a brief introduction to the breed and a history of Tempel Farms by Esther Buonano, the stable's program director.
  • We'll spend time by the various paddocks, photographing the mares at liberty, the stallions at liberty plus the stable's mares with newborn foals.
  • After that, we'll photograph a training session - hopefully including "Airs above the Ground."
  • Following the training session, we'll break into our 3 separate groups. Everyone will rotate through three stations of "posed shots" we'll have set up for you with the beautiful Lipizzan horses and several of the stable's trainers.
  • At 10:30AM, we'll say goodbye to the stables and perhaps head out to lunch and a critique. 
  • Cost: $50.00
  • Photography Contest: All attendees are invited to submit one (1) photograph that they captured during the event.  Esther and I will judge all of the entries and the winning entry will be published on my blog, on Facebook on my photography page and also on the Tempel site and Facebook page. Basically we'll tell everyone how much we liked your image and you'll get bragging rights.  Fun, huh?

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