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Out of Chicago Summer Conference

  • University Center 525 South State Street Chicago, IL, 60605 United States (map)

The Out of Chicago 5th Annual Summer Conference is coming up soon! I'll be leading a group for the photocrawl that follows the keynote, teaching a few sessions and, as always, coordinating the volunteers. Here's a sneak peek at my course descriptions:

Wild Horses: Photographing an American Icon

Interested in photographing iconic American wildlife? Ever seen a mustang in the wild? Or witnessed two stallions fighting over a mare? In this class I’ll share everything about photographing wild horses including where to go, how to get there, standard safety precautions and the necessary gear to have in your bag. You’ll learn how to spot key behaviors as well as the best techniques for capturing them in a compelling way. To illustrate each point, I’ll show you dozens of images of wild horses photographed all over North America. We’ll finish up with tips on selecting and processing your best images. If you’re a nature or wildlife photographer don’t miss this class!

Lightroom Processing Mini Workshop

Bring your laptop to get the most out of this hands-on and interactive mini workshop. We’ll start by reviewing the basic edits you can (and should!) use on every image. After we’ve covered the basics we’ll demystify the gradient and radial filters, the sharpening mask, the crop tool overlay and literally anything else you have questions about using effectively. We’ll round out the session by building individual presets. Time pending, we’ll review how the collections feature dovetails with Lightroom Mobile - and why you should get on board with both.

This workshop will be geared towards Lightroom Classic CC users because it currently has the broadest spectrum of develop features. Lightroom CC users will also benefit greatly. This workshop will be fast-paced but there will be plenty of time for in-depth and individual questions. Come learn Lightroom with me!