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Private and Semi-Private Wild Horse Photography

  • Tonto National Forest USA (map)

Interested in photographing wild horses?

Join me on a 2 to 5 day wild horses photography workshop in Utah, Nevada or Arizona. Each day we’ll drive out before dawn, looking for the horses. Once we find our first band, we'll park and then hike out to them. We'll stick with the same band as long as the light and interactions are good. I'll provide on-site shooting tips and commentary about wild horse behaviors. If we have the opportunity, we'll photograph other wildlife and also occasionally stop to make landscape images. Periodically, we'll head back to the car, search for more horses and hike out again. Mid-day we'll break for lunch and post processing and then head back out again in the afternoon, till sunset. After the light fades, we’ll go out together for dinner, and have a post-processing session, image review or critique. Each day will be a little different than the last as I can never guarantee when we'll see the horses, or where. The light and weather is always a factor too but I'm always happy to shoot longer and later each day in order to make sure you get the images you came for. Email me to learn more.

What's Included:

  • Transportation each day we're shooting.

  • Snacks, water.

  • Shooting tips.

  • Discussion of wild horse behaviors.

  • Image review, post-processing and/or critique sessions.

What's not included:

  • You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the airport.

  • You provide your accommodation.

  • You provide your own meals.

  • You are responsible for getting yourself to and from our starting point each day.


  • $575/day for private: 1 person.

  • $400 for semi-private: minimum 2 and maximum 3 people.